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Terms and Conditions

Registration Fees

For Public, In-Person Seminars

Registration fees are due and payable prior to the start of the course and include all course materials, and lunch. Program schedules with start times will be sent with the registration confirmation.

For Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Students will not be granted access to the link to access the virtual training classroom until full payment is received. The VILT session includes an eBook. Access to course materials is typically granted the Friday before the start of the class.  Phone charges incurred if a participant uses a dial in number to join the audio portion of the training are the responsibility of the student. VILT course participants are responsible to have the appropriate technology to join the training. This includes a computer with a web browser, a web camera with a microphone.

Payment and Purchase Orders

Personal checks, company checks, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and purchase orders are all accepted. 

Substitutions, Transfers, Cancellations Policy


If you cannot attend a course, you may send an alternate person to attend in your place. You can make a substitution at any time, at no additional charge. Email customerservice@orielstat.com and tell us the alternate’s name, the course name, and the session dates.

Transfers and Cancellations

You may transfer to a different course session (based on availability). Transfers and cancellations will be charged as follows:

  • 22 or more days before the course start date: no charge
  • 15–21 days before the course start date: 25% of the tuition
  • 8–14 days before the course start date: 50% of the tuition
  • 7 or fewer days before the course start date: 100% of the tuition

Email your requests for cancellations, transfers, or substitutions to customerservice@orielstat.com

Hotel Information for In-person Training

All courses are scheduled at hotels. Hotel locations are typically finalized 21-28 days prior to the start of the course and will be provided once the course is confirmed.

Session specific links and login information for Virtual Learning

Links to and login infomration for the virtual classroom are provided by email, in most cases, the Friday before the start of the training. 


Oriel STAT A MATRIX prohibits tape or digital recordings of any sessions. Oriel STAT A MATRIX reserves the right to rearrange course content and is not responsible for typographical errors. Courses may be canceled and locations may be changed at the discretion of Oriel STAT A MATRIX. Oriel STAT A MATRIX is not responsible for airfare, hotel, or other costs incurred by registrants. To ensure an optimal learning environment, Oriel STAT A MATRIX reserves the right to remove disruptive students, and not provide a refund.

For quality assurance purposes, Oriel STAT A MATRIX may monitored or record our virtual and/or in person seminars. Recordings will not be shared with learners.  By attending the course, you agree to being recorded.

Courses may be cancelled, and locations may be changed at the discretion of Oriel STAT A MATRIX. Please keep in mind that we do not assume responsibility for penalties arising from cancelled travel plans.


Oriel STAT A MATRIX does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, or handicap in its policies, procedures, or practices.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Goal

Help our life science customers meet regulatory requirements, boost efficiency, and improve patient outcomes

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