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About Us

We’re 100% focused on improving client performance, attaining regulatory compliance, and achieving sustainable outcomes.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX is a global consultancy and training firm focused on medical device regulatory compliance, quality management, auditing, and training for US and international regulations. Since our founding in 1968, industry and governmental clients have come to trust us for our deep subject matter expertise and proven ability to deliver long-term results. Our fluency in regulatory requirements and improvement methodologies allows our customers to boost performance while safeguarding their regulatory compliance. Read more about our areas of expertise.

A long history of leadership and innovation in performance improvement.

Founded in 1968, we are the oldest quality improvement training and consulting firm in the US. We began by helping customers in the US and around the world develop and implement unique performance improvement programs. By 1972, STAT A MATRIX was known worldwide for providing excellence in training and consulting services in quality systems development, quality audits, and process quality control and reliability.

In 1977 we were hired by US FDA to help develop regulations and train their investigators. Since then, we’ve been the industry leader in assisting life sciences manufacturers at every step, from achieving compliance with FDA and international regulations to making processes more effective and efficient. Our goal, then and now, has been to enhance the quality of our customers’ products and services and help them with their performance improvement initiatives.

In 1983, Oriel (then Joiner Associates) was retained by GE in 1998 to train, coach, develop, and license Six Sigma materials. In 2001, STAT A MATRIX acquired and merged with Oriel. With this merger, STAT A MATRIX  added to our expertise in Six Sigma, Lean enterprise, leadership development, and team building.

Our Purpose: We help improve patient outcomes.

Our training and consulting support help our medical device customers design and manufacture their products and bring them to the market more quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Products such as an improved hip implant allow a grandmother to pick up her grandchild again, and insulin pumps free a child to play soccer without fear. Improving patients’ quality of life is why we come to work each morning.

Our Core Values

Happy Employees Do Great Work for Customers

We develop and empower our employees to grow and prosper to their fullest potential. When our employees are happy and challenged, we can help our clients achieve their full potential – which, in turn, improves patient outcomes and quality of life. Our processes and decisions are focused on ensuring that our trainers and consultants have the resources they need to deliver superior service to our clients. We also strive to proactively mitigate the burdens that travel places on our employees’ families and work responsibilities in order to foster an optimal work/life balance.

Doing the Right Thing for Mutual Success

Our founder’s philosophy was to build relationships based on doing the right thing for our clients and suppliers. By listening carefully to our stakeholders, we can understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations and ensure mutual success. We practice what we preach and deal ethically and fairly with everyone. This benefits all parties involved.

Diversity is a Competitive Advantage

We believe that a successful team includes a broad range of people, perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas. Diversity and inclusion are a way of life at Oriel STAT A MATRIX, and our employees represent different cultures, religions, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and experiences – thus enhancing our overall employee experience and customer satisfaction.

We Take the Long View

We have funded our business for 50+ years without the use of outside capital. Because we aren’t pressured by short-sighted investors, we are able to make investments and decisions that are best for our employees, our clients, and the long-term outcomes for our firm. We place great value in sustaining relationships that last and ensure mutual success.

We Give Back to the Community

We provide our services to nonprofit organizations at no cost, so we can further achieve our purpose by helping those most in need.

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