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Training Solutions

Oriel STAT A MATRIX training provides RA/QA professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Courses range from basic through advanced and include accredited training for auditor development, the key medical device sector regulations, as well as the processes and systems needed to comply with these regulations. Find a course

Hands-On Learning

Our courses use the approach proven most effective for adult learners – interaction through simulations, exercises, and workshops.


Public seminars: Our courses are offered throughout the US, in Costa Rica, and in the EU as public open enrollment seminars. This format is ideal for training from 1 to 3 employees from your organization. Find a course

On-site seminars: Alternatively, we can bring the training on-site to a location of your choice. On-site training is ideal when training groups of 4 or more and provides flexibility to tailor the training to your organization’s specific needs. Find a course

Coaching:  Enhance an onsite training session with a day or more of coaching. During these engagements, the course instructor shifts into a coaching role, supporting the students as they apply their new skills and knowledge at your organization. This hands-on, guided practice reinforces what was taught, improving retention and the ROI for the training.

Customized Materials and Licensing

Each of our courses can be fully customized and/or licensed to your organization. Oriel STAT A MATRIX works with you to develop the right program to achieve and maintain optimum employee performance. Learn more

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