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Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Lean approach will help your organization move beyond an isolated, project-based implementation to a comprehensive transformation-based Lean implementation.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Lean experts can help your organization:

  • Get started on the path to Lean
  • Expand an existing Lean program
  • Reenergize a stalled Lean effort
  • Review the effectiveness of an existing Lean program

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Approach to Lean

Oriel STAT A MATRIX has led the industry in Lean training and consulting since 1996. Our experience prompted us to design an approach that overcomes common roadblocks to Lean success. We link Lean with the strategic goals of the organization and secure executive leadership commitment to support Lean when the initial project ends. This approach establishes a solid foundation for true organizational transformation and sustainable continuous improvement.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Lean Pathway model accelerates Lean deployment, and it helps organizations progress from isolated project-type implementations to more comprehensive transformation-based implementations.



Get expert Lean assistance. Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Lean consultants can help you:

Evaluate your organization’s readiness for Lean:

  • Review your current Lean orientation, situation, and progress.
  • Identify any cultural barriers to embracing Lean.

Secure executive support and align Lean with your organization’s goals:

  • Produce Lean (kaizen) Events to demonstrate the value of a larger improvement effort.
  • Develop a Lean deployment strategy based on your vision, the competitive environment, the Voice of the Customer, and scorecard data.
  • Identify the Lean goals and link them to the business strategy.
  • Coach executives as they lead the Lean initiative.

Support sustainable changes:

  • Provide process management, change management, and project management services.
  • Develop a Lean measurement and review system to track progress and benefits.
  • Create a culture of problem solvers through training, coaching, and project support.

Lean Training Solutions

Find Lean training for every level of your organization. Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s comprehensive suite of courses covers everyone from your suppliers to your CEO. These training programs are available in multiple versions to suit industry-specific needs for manufacturing, services, or healthcare organizations.

We regularly hold public classes on Lean topics in cities around the United States. In addition, we can customize and present each course at a location of your choice. For groups of five or more, these on-site classes are a cost-effective, flexible, and confidential way to train your employees.

Why Choose Oriel STAT A MATRIX?

Collaborate with the world’s leading consulting firm dedicated to performance improvement. For more than 45 years, Oriel STAT A MATRIX has helped organizations improve operations and get better results.

Since 1998, Oriel STAT A MATRIX's Performance Excellence consultants have coached more than 7,000 projects yielding nearly $1B in customer benefits.

Our proven team has deep industry experience and strong understandings of the frameworks, methodologies, tools, and behaviors that enable organizations to achieve their strategic objectives and sustained success. And, because we serve a wide range of industries, your organization gains access to a cross-disciplinary pool of expertise and experience.

Global capabilities

Oriel STAT A MATRIX is headquartered in Edison, NJ. Our 150+ consultants are located in 33 states and more than 20 countries. We have assisted customers in over 40 countries and delivered training and consulting for organizations throughout the US and in Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, MENA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

We speak the languages of your employees, understand their cultures, and are local to their bases of operations. Our geographic span allows your organization to work with one vendor for your improvement project - no matter how many locations you need to serve.

Kaizen means “good change” in Japanese. It is a philosophy of eliminating waste by making small changes for the better. Kaizen or Lean Events are short-term projects with a specific improvement objective. During an event, a Lean expert leads a team as it analyzes and improves a process. Kaizen and Lean Events are flexible and have a high return on investment because the improvement is so rapid.

These events typically last for 4 to 10 days and generally include the following activities:

  • Lean training
  • Defining problem/goals
  • Observing and documenting the current state
  • Brainstorming and developing a future state
  • Implementation
  • Developing a follow-up plan
  • Presenting results
  • Celebrating success

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Lean consultants have facilitated hundreds of Kaizen and Lean Events ranging from manufacturing improvements to business process improvements. They will work with you to identify a problem suitable for a quick fix. A quick fix problem offers the opportunity to create rapid improvement in quality, cost, or timeliness through the elimination of waste. We then use our Lean Pathway model to help your organization determine the scope of the project and choose the appropriate Lean tools for the event.

Most importantly, our consultants will ensure your Kaizen or Lean Event provides your team a hands-on learning experience. Our goal is to use the event to convey practical knowledge and skills your team can apply in their jobs every day.

Classes are available as in-person or virtual instructor-led trainings. Select a course to learn more or to register.
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