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Our Mission & Values

Our mission.

To be the world's leading provider of  global regulatory, quality and performance improvement consulting and training solutions. We accomplish this by leveraging our unparalleled knowledge and experience with global regulatory requirements and proven process improvement methodologies. This approach provides our customers with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, as well as enhance financial results and customer satisfaction. Through improved performance, our clients can realize significant enterprise value for their investment – both immediately and into the future.

Our values.

Our organizational values guide the daily actions and decisions of Oriel STAT A MATRIX employees. These values represent the standards by which we measure how we serve our clients, treat our peers, and engage with our communities.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX employees embrace the following core values:

  • Clients: We build relationships based on doing the right thing for our diversified client base. By listening carefully to our customers, we can fully understand their needs and wants and thus help them exceed their own expectations. We keep our client information confidential.
  • Diversity: We believe that successful teams include a broad range of people, perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas. Diversity and inclusion are a way of life at Oriel STAT A MATRIX, and our employees represent different cultures, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and experiences – thus enhancing both our overall employee experience and customer satisfaction.
  • Employees: We develop and empower our employees to grow and prosper to their fullest potential. When our people achieve their best, we can help our clients achieve their best.
  • Consultants: We maintain consistently high standards for service. To that end, we support our consultants to ensure that Oriel STAT A MATRIX delivers on the promise we make to our clients: to provide excellent service and give our clients the skills and knowledge they need to achieve meaningful, self-sustaining results, both now and in the future.
  • Families: We are sensitive to the needs of our families and work together to foster a high quality of life.
  • Suppliers: We work with our suppliers to encourage and ensure mutual success.
  • Community: As a global organization, we show respect for local customs and culture. We act responsibly to help the people we employ, the companies we serve, and the communities in which we operate to achieve their full potential.
  • Company:
    • We listen to our stakeholders.
    • We practice what we preach.
    • We deal ethically and fairly with everyone.
    • We make the job fun along the way.


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