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Our History

Oriel STAT A MATRIX has a long history of providing leadership and innovation in performance improvement.

STAT A MATRIX and Oriel Inc.—both industry leaders in performance improvement training and consulting—merged in 2001.


Founded in 1968, STAT A MATRIX began by helping customers in the United States and around the world develop and implement unique performance improvement programs. Our goal, both then and now, has been to enhance the quality of our customers’ products and services and help them with their performance improvement initiatives. Hallmarks of STAT A MATRIX include: 

  • Being the oldest quality improvement training and consulting firm in the world.
  • Specializing in quality improvement and regulatory requirements related to quality management—our sole areas of business.
  • Supporting companies in more than 120 countries.

Milestones in our history

Oriel STAT A MATRIX history


Initially, STAT-A-MATRIX drew heavily on existing knowledge in both the behavioral and quantitative spheres of the work environment, which led to cooperative efforts with the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) and their programs of “Quality Control Circles” into 1970.

By 1972, STAT-A-MATRIX was known worldwide for providing excellence in training and consulting services in quality systems development, quality audits, and process quality control and reliability. By this time, these services were offered in more than 20 countries around the world. In response to increasing demands, STAT A MATRIX International was formed in 1975 to develop a global network of offices.

In 1975, the STAT-A-MATRIX Institute was formed as a nonprofit educational institute to provide quality management education and training to government and industry. The Institute currently offers hundreds of public seminars each year in Six Sigma, Lean, process management, medical device and pharmaceutical quality and regulatory requirements, ISO 9000, AS9100, TL 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 13485, and nuclear regulations.

In 1977 we were hired by US FDA to help develop regulations and train their investigators. Since then, we’ve been the industry leader in assisting medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology manufacturers at every step, from achieving compliance with FDA and international regulations to making processes more effective and efficient, thus improving business performance.

Oriel Inc.

Oriel Inc. was founded in 1983 as Joiner Associates and renamed Oriel Incorporated in 1997.

  • As Joiner Associates, published The Team Handbook™ in 1988; more than 1.4 million copies have been sold to date, and the book is currently on its third edition.
  • Retained by GE in 1998 to train, coach, develop, and license Six Sigma materials.
  • Acquired by and merged with STAT A MATRIX in December 2001. With this merger, STAT A MATRIX added to our expertise in Six Sigma (particularly for service and finance), Lean enterprise, leadership development, and team building.


Today, Oriel STAT A MATRIX continues to be a leader in our core practice areas and we have grown to over 135+ consultants located in 33 states and more than 20 countries. Our consultants have assisted customers in over 75 countries, and we have delivered training and consulting for organizations throughout the US and in Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, MENA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

With global capabilities in our practice areas, materials in local languages, and experience managing multinational assignments, we are truly a global consulting firm, ready to serve all of customers performance excellence, quality and regulatory needs.


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