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Licensing Programs

Oriel STAT A MATRIX's industry-leading materials can be yours through our flexible licensing programs.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s reputation as a global leader in performance improvement and RA/QA training and consulting is built, in part, on the quality of our training materials. Professionally developed and time-tested, scores of Fortune 500 companies rely on Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s materials to provide the foundation for their respective organization’s performance improvement and regulatory compliance training programs.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s materials are designed to be user-friendly and interactive. They offer straightforward and practical examples that can easily be integrated with an organization’s current processes. These features translate into superior student learning, better project execution, as well as faster and higher project returns.

Our time-tested materials are well known for:

  • Conveyance of complex topics in simple formats
  • Modular design that allows for consistency, scalability, and flexibility in delivery
  • Clear flow and structure
  • Meaningful artwork and graphics
  • Thoroughness of explanation aided by extensive notes
  • Industry-specific examples
  • Comprehensive skills development for all roles
  • Trainer support materials and job aids that facilitate and simplify instructor preparation

Some benefits of our licensing programs include:

  • Freedom from the time and expense required to develop, format, test, and revise training materials
  • Quick execution of licenses
  • Ability to provide on-demand training, exactly when you need it
  • Customization of the materials as part of the complete licensing package—from using your logo and template to inserting internal examples—adapting the materials to your organization’s culture and strategic objectives
  • Consistent, integrated, and thoughtful curriculum approach

Oriel STAT A MATRIX also can provide Train-the-Trainer programs and coaching sessions to help your trainers quickly gain mastery in using the materials. The program goes beyond the fundamentals of the subject matter, training participants on the skills essential to teaching and coaching groups for ongoing quality improvement.


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