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Global Capabilities

With global capabilities in our practice areas, materials in local languages, and experience managing multinational assignments, we are ready to serve all of your organization's locations.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX's consultants are located in 33 states and more than 20 countries, and have assisted customers in over 75 countries.  We have delivered training and consulting for organizations throughout the US and in Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, MENA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent multinational assignments include:

  • Serving a European-based medical device manufacturer as the company upgraded the efficiency of its QMS across 13 plants in Europe and the US. Our approach focused on simplifying the QMS to meet the client’s business needs while ensuring that all processes were both compliant (effective) and efficient. We also emphasized supplier management, helping our client optimize their supplier management process. We conducted more than 100 supplier audits in 20+ countries, and we worked with selected suppliers to improve their quality.
  • Leading a project for a Fortune 100 medical device manufacturer that had received a Consent Decree. Our assistance helped 14 plants in 6 countries reopen with the approval of the FDA.
  • Assisting a large medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturer to apply Lean Six Sigma without compromising the company’s FDA compliance. The engagement spanned 12 US plants, corporate headquarters, and facilities in Australia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Italy. Our services included training, materials licensing, and consulting.
  • Leading a 104-country, 500-plant Six Sigma implementation for a global food and beverage company. This project included training, coaching, consulting, certification, and materials licensing.
  • Guiding the deployment of Lean Six Sigma at a Fortune 50 distribution company. The project featured training, consulting, coaching, certification, and materials licensing in the US, Europe, South America, Australia, Singapore, and China.
  • Providing licensing, coaching, training, curriculum development, and Rent a Black Belt support to a major beverage manufacturer with more than 50 facilities in the US, Europe, Central and South America, India, the Philippines, and Australia.

Global Locations

We are headquartered in Union, New Jersey, USA with consultants and affiliates located around the globe.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX Global Locations


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