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Curriculum Development & Customization

Oriel STAT A MATRIX works with organizations to develop training curricula designed to assist our customers in achieving and maintaining optimum employee performance.

A well-planned training curriculum, one that is closely aligned with your organization’s goals, results in two key benefits:

  • It provides confidence that the strategy and performance goals set forth by the organization are clearly communicated.
  • It allows the organization to determine those who require training in certain disciplines in order for them to perform at their best.

Our subject matter experts and training design and curriculum development experts work with you to design a curriculum that is tailored to your employee’s performance goals and to your organization’s business objectives. We deliver fully interactive training programs that are comprehensive, effective, and flexible.

Overview: Curriculum development process

Step 1: Identify requirements

  • Review the organization’s strategic goals to determine training objectives.
  • Determine critical success factors that might impact the success of the training program.
  • Identify audience, scope, extension, depth, and frequency of the training required.
  • Determine the most suitable delivery mechanisms.

Step 2: Propose training curriculum

  • Design curriculum (draft) for discussions with customer and refinement of the items listed under Step 1. Typically, this includes a Design Document that comprises elements such as training purpose, target audience, delivery mechanism, list of topics, and training itinerary.
  • Propose a development plan that defines things such as the roles and responsibilities of the Oriel STAT A MATRIX’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) and customer representatives, milestones, and deliverables.

Step 3: Develop training curriculum

  • Finalize the Design Document.
  • Develop the curriculum. In addition to the Design Document described in Step 2, typical training material includes items such as student book, instructor’s presentation material, instructor guidance material, handouts, and as applicable, a list of supplies needed for course presentation, exercises, and workshops.
  • Design and conduct a Train-the-Trainer program, upon request, that supplements the instructor guidance material mentioned above.
  • Conduct customer review prior to final delivery.

This Oriel STAT A MATRIX curriculum development process includes instructional design principles that are applicable to adult learning as well as a peer-review process that ensures accuracy and consistency with the latest developments in the disciplines that are the object of the training.


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