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Oriel STAT A MATRIX partners with a wide range of organizations that give us greater capacity to meet our clients’ needs. By working together, Oriel STAT A MATRIX and its partners deliver the most comprehensive performance excellence training and consulting across the globe.

Listed below are some of the organizations we are proud to call partners.


Minitab is the leading provider of quality improvement software.

Minitab® Statistical Software – Minitab's flagship product – has been used to implement virtually every major Six Sigma initiative around the world.

Quality Companion by Minitab® supports and guides Lean and Six Sigma teams through projects from start to finish, enhancing quality analysis and reporting.

Quality Trainer by Minitab™ provides convenient, subscription-based e-learning for using Minitab to apply quality improvement statistics.

Distinguished companies that rely on Minitab software, training and services to help them achieve world-class quality include Toshiba, DuPont, Boeing, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nestlé and the leading Six Sigma Consultants. 


Setec Consulting Group (Latin America)

Setec Consulting Group is one of the biggest consulting, training, and auditing companies in Latin America. Founded in 1994, it is headquartered in São Paulo, Brasil, with offices in Manaus (also in Brasil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), and Santiago (Chile). Since its creation, Setec Consulting Group has worked with more than 2,000 clients, trained over 200,000 professionals, and contributed to improving management and reducing costs at client companies and their suppliers in 20 countries around the world.

Setec Consulting Group operates in various areas of business management, such as Six Sigma, Lean/productivity, quality, innovation management, environment, safety, organizational human development, business games, and technical translations. Setec has also developed the exclusive interface consulting concept by taking management tools and technology of large companies to their suppliers and training the entire supply chain. Having our clients’ specific needs in mind, Setec develops solutions related to specific field standards and requirements, such as in the automotive, food, telecommunication, and service industries.

Setec is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. We are the only consulting company in the world to be awarded the Ford Q1.

Dinamo Value Partners (Mexico)

Dinamo Value Partners is a consulting services firm based in Mexico. Dinamo helps its clients increase profits in a sustainable way, through process improvement and transferring new knowledge and skills according to each client’s specific context and organizational culture.

Dinamo’s consultants focus their efforts in providing high-value services in the following fields: operational excellence, process management, strategy execution and translation, software requirements documentation, innovation and process design, Lean, Six Sigma, and customer services engineering, among others. They are leaders in applying Lean and Six Sigma and experienced in providing support to management of companies that are deploying operational excellence programs.

Dinamo’s consultants have experience serving in Fortune 500 companies as managers or directors. They also have a strong academic background. This experience allows them to provide consulting and training with strong knowledge but also with a sense of urgency. They understand that business results are a priority.

The firm’s consultants can provide services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and have experience working in multicultural environments.

Micon (Asia)

Micon delivers public & onsite training and implementation throughout Asia. MICON is comprised of a highly motivated and experienced team of Lean Six Sigma consulting professionals. We are experts in our field with a passion for improving quality, reducing waste, and increasing profits. All of our consultants are highly experienced at using Lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts to transform and optimize business processes. This practical experience combined with theoretical expertise is critical for effectively guiding and assisting you as you move forward with all aspects of Lean Six Sigma.

Micon's Lean Six Sigma consulting team has extensive experience with all Lean Six Sigma tools and related disciplines and practical hands-on experience. Each consultant has had at least 10 years of practical experience with Lean and Six Sigma.

Micon has offices in India and Thailand and works with organizations from all sectors, some of which include: heavy manufacturing, food processing, electronics, semi-conductors, oil and gas, telecommunications, and BPOs. 



Global Techno (Japan)

Global Techno (GTC) was founded in 1989 to provide quality surveillance, inspections, and expediting services to Japanese vendors for overseas procurement, construction, and consulting groups. Since 1992, GTC has been dedicated to the improvement of management systems and products, as well as compliance with international management system standards such as ISO 9001.

In 1992, the Oriel STAT A MATRIX Japan office was established in GTC to provide IRCA-registered ISO 9000 lead auditor and internal auditor training in the country. Since 2001, in collaboration with Oriel STAT A MATRIX, GTC has been providing Lean Six Sigma, Toyota Production System, and quality improvement consulting and training to scores of manufacturing and service organizations in Japan.


QM&E Business Consulting (Korea)

QM&E Business Consulting is a top-ranked Lean Six Sigma consulting firm in Korea. Since 1999, we have helped our clients become industry leaders in terms of customer satisfaction and profit growth. As specialists in innovative consulting, we have the capability to meet customer needs as a total solution provider.

QM&E has worked for GE, Motorola, and local big companies such as Samsung and LG. Our consultants include Six Sigma Master Black Belts and have an average of 10 years LSS experience.

In addition to providing Lean and Six Sigma support, QM&E offers consulting in supplier development, cost reduction, TRIZ, sales and market innovation, open innovation, and change management. Recently, five QM&E instructors led a 14-week Six Sigma professional course for on EBS (Korea Education Broadcasting), and developed a online Green Belt training course for the Samsung Group.

This year, QM&E was awarded the Best Consulting Company Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Republic of Korea.


Oriel STAT A MATRIX Greater China was a Joint Venture formed by Oriel STAT A MATRIX and Uniworld China in 2004. The formation of this entity was designed to support US and European clients with operations in Greater China, in addition to supporting local Taiwanese and Chinese companies. The entity provides Lean, Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma consulting and training services, and primarily supports global operations that manufacture a wide variety of products for export.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Academy (Malaysia)

Founded in 2007, LSS Academy gives our clients the foundations in capability, technology, and cultural change management necessary to accomplish, achieve, and sustain greater shareholder value and returns.

LSS Academy brings new, innovative solutions to our clients to help them create strategic insight, improve operational performance, and deliver sustained value. Our approach focuses on the principles of Lean Six Sigma, innovation, and business process automation. The

LSS Academy team has a combined total of more than 15 years of experience in the fields of research and development, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and procurement, financial and shared services, and government services.

In Southeast Asia, LSS Academy has carried out Lean Six Sigma programs in the manufacturing and manufacturing services sectors. Assignments have included delivering Lean Six Sigma training/consulting and conducting Kaizen rapid improvement events with supplier and client services departments.

HGB - Brazil

HGB was founded in 1993 by a group of professionals and professors of federal universities of Rio de Janeiro for the provision of consulting, training and auditing services related to quality and productivity.

In 1996, the Oriel STAT MATRIX Brazil office was established in HGB to provide ISO 9001 registered Exemplar Global Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor training in the country. A remarkable achievement is that 100% of QMS Lead Auditor open courses scheduled were carried out.

Today HGB offers in Brazil registered Exemplar Global (International) and RAC (Brazil) ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor training courses, in addition to a broad range of courses in the areas of management systems.

HGB achievements include Consulting, Auditing and Training for important public and private clients of all segments of the economy, having obtained 100% recommendation in the first certification audit of its consulting clients.

In the area of Process Management, HGB has contributed to the performance continuous improvement of its customers. Qualitymark Publisher have published Boanerges Couto (HGB founder) and Robert Marash (ORIEL STAT A MATRIX Vice President)’s book Process Management in Quality Management Systems. This book is presented by Nigel Croft, President of ISOTC176SC2 – responsible for ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 standards.

HGB Leaders have participated of Brazilian delegations to ISO/TC176 and of working groups from Brazilian Committee for Quality -ABNT/CB25 and Brazilian Committee for Environment - ABNT/CB38.

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