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Identify the DMAIC steps and their sequence along with the outputs of and tools in each step.

  • DEFINE your project’s purpose and scope and get background on the process and the customer.
  • In MEASURE, focus your improvement efforts by gathering information on the current situation.
  • In ANALYZE, identify root causes and confirm them with data.
  • In IMPROVE, develop, try out, and implement solutions that address root causes and use data to evaluate your solutions and the plans used to carry them out.
  • CONTROL the process and maintain gains by standardizing work methods or processes, anticipating future improvements and preserving the lessons from your project.

Learn how to lead a team through the DMAIC method and train team members on the steps, outputs, tools, and approaches.

Describe and apply advanced statistical tools in support of the DMAIC method; define project team roles and responsibilities.


  • Six Sigma introduction
  • DEFINE: Project charters and process basics
  • MEASURE: Data collection principles and practice
  • ANALYZE: Potential causes, verifying causes
  • IMPROVE: Generating, evaluating, implementing solutions; problem analysis
  • CONTROL: Standardization; ongoing data collection and process control; project closure
  • Virtual Half-Days

  • In-Person Full-Days

  • CEUs


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