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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Training Course

Transform your career and be an indispensible asset to any organization by becoming a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Our intensive program focuses on increasing the ability of experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to take leadership roles in achieving organizational excellence. Master Black Belts can plan strategy with senior executives, support or act as deployment champions, and lead and coach Black Belts through complex improvement and design projects. Tailored to trained Six Sigma Black Belts, this comprehensive workshop-based session provides a strategic view of Lean Six Sigma toward sustainable success.

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Overview of This Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Class

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Class Content


Class Duration

10 Full-Day Sessions

Teaching Format

Live, Instructor-Led

Delivery Options

Private Team Training Only*

Certification of Completion


Continuing Education Units (CEU)


* This class is only available privately to groups of six or more. We can deliver the training at your facility or virtually, Ask for details. 

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Course Overview

What We Cover in This Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Class

This course prepares experienced Lean Six Sigma (LSS) professionals to take leadership roles in planning and managing LSS implementation aligned with business strategy and organizational culture, and to support Black Belts in design and improvement projects.

Course Overview
SkillsLab Class

Sustainable Performance Management

  • Achieving sustainable performance
  • The roadmap toward sustainability

Revisting Lean Six Sigma

  • Problem solving from a broad perspective
  • The Oriel STAT A MATRIX Lean Pathway
  • The DMAIC methodology
  • Design for Six Sigma (DMADV)

Governance Structure

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Managing the program
  • Strategic planning (selecting areas of focus and strategic goals)
  • Program management tools

Workshop!  Strategic Planning 

Project Selection

  • Key concepts
  • From strategic planning to project selection

Project Management

  • Planning the work
  • Organizing the work
  • Assigning tasks and directing activities
  • Tracking and reporting progress
  • Closing the work

Coaching Best Practices

  • Fundamentals of coaching
  • Coaching in support of training activities

Leading Change

  • Conceptualizing vision and strategy
  • Reviewing key leadership values
  • Leading change roadmap
  • Alternative approaches to decision making
Case study! Vision and Strategy
Case study! Transforming the Organization
Mini Case Studies! Decision Making

Key Financial Indicators

  • The balance sheet
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow cycle
  • Financial ratios

Knowledge Sharing

  • Purpose of knowledge sharing
  • Supporting factors
  • Challenges and their mitigation
  • Measuring the effectiveness of knowledge sharing

The Normal Theory

  • The Normal distribution and Z-variable
  • Adding/subtracting distributions
  • The central limit theorem and confidence intervals

Handling Non-Normal Distributions

  • Binomial distributions
  • Poisson distributions
  • Other continuous distributions

Transforming to Normality

  • Probability plots
  • Transformations and their impact on process sigma and control charts

Hypothesis Testing

  • T-test
  • Paired t-test
  • Test of equal variances
  • Assignments
  • Group preparation work

Linear Regression

  • Introduction to linear regression
  • General regression procedure
  • Applying linear regression

Multiple Regression

  • Introduction to multiple regression
  • Multiple regression procedure
  • Dealing with multicollinearity
  • Applying multiple regression

Design of Experiments (DOE)

  • Introduction to full factorial designs
  • Planning, designing, analyzing, and conducting an experiment
  • Fractional factorial designs
  • Screening designs
  • Blocking experimental designs
  • Power and sample in DOE

Overview of Other Methods of Experimentation

  • General factorial designs
  • Evolutionary operations
  • Response surface methodology
  • Mixture experiments

Measurement System Analysis

  • Gage R&R
  • Destructive testing
  • Gage linearity
  • Attribute agreement analysis

Multivari Analysis

  • Planning a multivari analysis
  • Conducting a multivari analysis

Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing

  • Introduction
  • Mann-Whitney test
  • Kruskal-Wallis test
  • Friedman test

Business Forecasting

  • Trend analysis
  • Seasonality analysis
  • Forecasting with trends and seasonality
What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

At the conclusion of this training class, you will be able to

Understand how processes need to be strategically defined and managed to achieve performance excellence

Understand Sustainable Performance Management and how it relates to process improvement and process design

Plan a Lean Six Sigma governance structure

Apply the fundamentals of project management to a Lean Six Sigma deployment

Recognize the importance of coaching during project execution in order to maximize the return on the training investment

Describe the critical success factors related to implementing a Lean Six Sigma program

Select projects that link to the strategic goals of the organization

Define the basics of leading change (key leadership values)

Recognize the importance of knowledge sharing

Recognize the foundational elements of design for Six Sigma and the DMADV methodology

Understand key financial indicators and how they are affected by process performance

Refresh knowledge of how to use advanced statistical tools in support of the DMAIC and DMADV methodologies

Learn new statistical tools to support your business decisions

Learn how to apply Minitab software in support of statistical tools

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

  • Six Sigma Black Belts
  • Lean leaders
  • Lean Six Sigma professionals
  • Performance Excellence personnel
  • Management
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