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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Our unique approach to the integration of Lean and Six Sigma takes full advantage of the power of both methodologies to help team leaders and members successfully complete DMAIC and Lean DMAIC projects. The first week of training covers Lean and Lean approaches; the second and third weeks cover the DMAIC steps as well as leadership, facilitation, and change management skills.

Upon completion of the training, participants will understand Lean Six Sigma, know how to work on a project team, be able to use DMAIC on identified improvement projects, and help Lean Six Sigma leaders direct targeted Lean events and improvement projects by using the DMAIC process.

This program is available in service, financial service, healthcare, and manufacturing versions.

Upcoming Dates and Locations

Virtual seminars run as 1/2-day sessions. In-person classes run as full-day sessions. See the virtual session daily class times.

There are currently no public dates scheduled. All our courses are available to be held at a location of your choice. Please contact us for more information.


  • Define Lean, the Lean Pathway, and associated approaches.
  • Describe the benefits of implementing Lean.
  • Lead a group through the Lean Pathway, including tools for seeing the waste and Lean approaches.
  • Apply Lean approaches and the Lean improvement methodology to a process simulation.
  • Plan for and/or coach others on planning for an event (roles, Lean charters, logistics, etc.).
  • Select Lean approaches applicable to a given Lean charter.
  • Select and train others on specific tools and techniques.
  • Explain in general terms what “Six Sigma” refers to and why it is relevant to process improvement; identify the DMAIC steps and their sequence along with the outputs of and tools in each step.
  • DEFINE your project’s purpose and scope and get background on the process and the customer.
  • In MEASURE, focus your improvement efforts by gathering information on the current situation.
  • In ANALYZE, identify root causes and confirm them with data.
  • In IMPROVE, develop, try out, and implement solutions that address root causes and use data to evaluate your solutions and the plans used to carry them out.
  • CONTROL the process and maintain the gains by standardizing work methods or processes, anticipating future improvements and preserving the lessons from your project.


  • Types of work (VA, NVA, waste)
  • Drivers of waste (overburden, unevenness)
  • Methodology for implementing Lean
  • Definition of waste; eight categories of waste
  • Targeted Lean events (kaizen)
  • DMAIC: The process improvement method
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Identifying and verifying causes
  • Generating, selecting, and implementing solutions
  • Evaluating results; standardization

Who Should Attend

Anyone participating in Lean Six Sigma or process improvement; applicable to staff, line, supervisors, managers, and directors in such areas as healthcare, finance, operations, customer service, engineering, electronics, communications, logistics, sales, quality, and purchasing.

In-Person Full-Days: Three 5-Day Sessions
CEUs: 12

Public virtual seminars run daily from 1:00-5:00 p.m. ET. Seminars run on Eastern Time unless otherwise noted in the Location field.

Auditor classes that require a final exam start at 11:30 a.m. on the last day to administer the final exam.

For more information download the virtual course agenda (close this window and navigate to the top of the course page) or Contact Us.

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