Will Your Team Be Ready for a (Live and In-Person) FDA Medical Device Inspection?

COVID-19 significantly curtailed FDA’s ability to conduct surveillance inspections of medical device manufacturers. Most manufacturers have not had an FDA inspector show up at their facility since at least March 2020. However, on July 1, 2021, FDA resumed on-site inspection operations, although it remains to be seen how quickly they’ll get up to speed. There is little doubt that COVID-19 made it more challenging to maintain a quality management system compliant with the FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR). Most non-manufacturing […]

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When Will FDA Resume Medical Device Inspections?

Remember FDA inspections? Yes, we know you’ve missed them, and chances are extremely high that’s because an FDA inspector has not darkened your door since early 2020, likely longer. While virtual meetings are the new normal for many business professionals, it’s pretty clear that FDA has begun to transition to live, onsite inspections of domestic manufacturers. But before they can ramp up to full normal inspection operations… …The FDA Has to Dig Itself Out of a Hole As you probably […]

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Which EU Notified Bodies Are “Designated” Under the MDR 2017/745 and IVDR 2017/746?

EU MDR & IVDR Updates

UPDATED September 3, 2021 Shown below is a list of European Notified Bodies that have been designated under the EU MDR or IVDR. There is no current list of Notified Bodies seeking designation but some have indicated their intent on their website and we have added them in the pending list below. As Notified Bodies are officially designated, we will add them here. Help us keep this information up to date. Email us with corrections or additions. YES! EU Notified […]

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Virtual Medical Device Inspections and Audits: Here to Stay?

Industry has a tendency to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, especially when money is involved. Government, not so much. When COVID hit the US in March 2020, in-person audits came to a screeching halt. Within months, when it became clear that the pandemic wasn’t disappearing anytime soon, medical device and IVD manufacturers pivoted and within a few months were conducting remote internal audits out of pure necessity. Still, regulators weren’t convinced about the benefits of this newfangled video technology […]

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