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Our Lean Six Sigma training and consulting provides the knowledge and skills you need to boost efficiency, decrease costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Through Lean Six Sigma training, consulting, and professional coaching, our strategically driven approach to applying Lean Six Sigma efficiency improvements has helped organizations of all sizes reduce their customer and internal costs by almost $1 billion since 1998. See our case studies.

Oriel STAT A MATRIX is a leader in developing and supporting global Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma implementations:

  • In 1998, GE Capital retained us to develop and implement Green, Black, and Master Black Belt programs.
  • Since 1998, our consultants have coached more than 7,000 projects yielding nearly $1B in client benefits.
  • Our Lean program was developed by consultants who were essential to implantation of the NUMMI program, a joint venture between GM and Toyota that was instrumental in Toyota teaching Lean to US manufacturers.
  • We were the first organization to develop a competency-based and qualification-based Lean Six Sigma certification process.
  • We have significant experience managing multinational assignments and are well versed in the cultural and logistical context of executing a successful global project.
  • We have a global pool of Six Sigma consultants who have been trained and qualified in a consistent, effective manner.

And for medical device, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology manufacturers regulated by FDA  our regulatory experience ensures you won’t make cuts that impact your compliance. In fact, adopting Lean Six Sigma can significantly enhance your ability to remain compliant; after all, your ability to be effective is highly dependent upon your ability to be efficient.

Learn more about our consulting, coaching and training for the following Lean Six Sigma Methodologies: 

Lean Six Sigma Training

In addition to providing directed consulting services, we offer a comprehensive suite of Lean and Six Sigma training courses. These courses are held regularly in dozens of cities across the United States; they can also be presented at a location of your choice. All of our courses can be customized for your organization.

Our standard training courses include those listed below. Click on any course title for more information.
Course Name Public On-site
Applying Design of Experiments (DOE)
Basic Problem Solving
Basic Statistics/Introduction to Minitab
Conducting Regression Analysis
Data Collection and Gage R&R
Design for Six Sigma
Implementing Statistical Process Control
Lean Practitioners Certification
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training
Lean Six Sigma Champion Certification
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification
Listening to the Voice of the Customer
Optimizing Teams for Success
Planning and Leading Lean Kaizen Events
Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Six Sigma DMAIC Black Belt Certification
Six Sigma DMAIC Green Belt Certification
Six Sigma Green Belt Upgrade to Black Belt Certification
Targeted Lean Event
Understanding and Conducting Data Analysis
Understanding and Measuring Process Performance
Understanding and Performing Hypothesis Testing
Understanding Lean Enterprise Tools

Learn the fundamental concepts of widely used DOE methodologies to better understand how process variables behave and interact so you can improve your bottom line. Click to learn more.

Our three-phase, nine-step basic problem-solving strategy combines the insights of many experienced practitioners to foster the skills necessary in identifying problems, diagnosing root causes, and implementing remedies. Click to learn more.

To really understand how your processes are performing, you need to conduct process analysis. Learn how data behave and how to represent them graphically. Click to learn more.

Learn about various regression procedures and how they can help you with root cause verification. Understand how regression analysis can be applied to your processes to solve problems and achieve greater efficiency. Click to learn more.

Learn about different types of data and how to determine the best ways to collect data to identify areas of improvement to lower costs and increase efficiency in your organization. Click to learn more.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodologies focus on preventing and removing defects before and during design, resulting in improved business performance and profitability. Click to learn more.

You've collected informative data, but now what?  It’s nearly impossible to control processes—let alone improve them—without the application of statistical tools. Click to learn more.

Is your organization looking for ways to improve your operations, stay competitive, increase capacity, or surpass your competition? Lean tools and techniques can help. Click to learn more.

Don’t let your competition pass you by – enhance your professional credentials by becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Click to learn more.

To enable the champion team to successfully lead the Lean Six Sigma initiative, implement a high-level deployment plan, and define the champion leadership role in supporting and executing that plan.Click to learn more.

Our unique approach to the integration of Lean and Six Sigma takes full advantage of the power of both methodologies to help teams complete DMAIC and Lean DMAIC projects. Click to learn more.

Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt program focuses on increasing the ability of experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to take leadership roles in achieving organizational excellence by combining advanced technical skills with strategic decision-making capabilities.Click to learn more.

Do you know exactly what your customers want and/or need? The success of your business depends on customer satisfaction, which can only be achieved by listening and responding to your customers. Click to learn more.

This two-day course will give you the tools and methods you need to lead or help your team members work together smoothly and achieve success. Click to learn more.

Looking for ways to surpass your competition? Kaizen or lean events are short-term projects that will help your organiztion move towards this goal. Click to learn more.

Now more than ever, it's vital to prevent failures and the excessive costs involved in fixing them. In this course, learn how to reduce the risk of failure before design and manufacturing by studying the potential for product/process failure and initiating early preventive action. Click to learn more

The Six Sigma Black Belt is the key change agent for the Six Sigma process—leading teams to organizational and financial improvement, where it is needed most. Our Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training is an intensive training program in quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, project management, group dynamics, team building, and change management.

Understand Six Sigma, work as a project team, and use the DMAIC method on identified improvement projects. Click to learn more.

Tailored to trained Six Sigma Green Belts who want to become Black Belts, this exciting program consists of two interactive one-week sessions covering Black Belt curriculum and responsibilities. There is a three-week break between each training session for project work. Click to learn more.

Learn to apply targeted Lean approaches to a specific team event with an approved charter. Click to learn more.

This course is designed to help you avoid common pitfalls of data analysis. Click to learn more. Click to lean more.

Learn how to effectively switch from a functional approach to a process approach, and how to stay focused on process interactions (handoffs), where most problems occur. Click to learn more.

Learn how hypothesis testing, its tools, and how to employ it in your process assessments and measurements in order to improve process performance. Click to learn more.

Our Understanding Lean Enterprise Tools workshop is intended to provide executives with enough background on Lean so that they can begin planning a Lean implementation. Click to learn more.


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